Mikael Godée-Eve Beuvens Quartet : “Summer 2017” by Céline Coibion (comp Eve Beuvens) and friends from “Looking Forward” released on Igloo Records


Mikael Godée-Eve Beuvens Quartet : “Tycho” by Magnus Bergström (comp Mikael Godée) from “Looking Forward” released on Igloo Records

Eve Beuvens “Heptatomic” : “La Lettre du Scribe à la Joconde” by Joop Pareyn (comp Eve Beuvens)

Mikael Godée-Eve Beuvens Quartet Live in Ghent at the Belgian Jazz Meeting in April 2019

Here are some clips of the premiere of my solo project that I gave during Gaume Jazz Festival 2019

“Jolene” Dolly Parton

“My TTT” original composition

I decided to not give any title to the next piece, to let you chose yourself the name you would like to give to that song! Mail me if you have any clear idea!

“Snow wind and wings” original composition